Cornflake Simulator

Cornflake Simulator lets you play as a Cornflake. It's a simulation, much like the movie "The Matrix." 

Best to play with your volume on.


Rotate one cornflake: ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys
Try to see if you can find which one.

Pause: ‘P’ key
Pausing and Unpausing makes the spoon stir way faster.


Modeling assets & programming are rearranged scraps from a school group project where you play as a fly in a bowl of soup. Honestly, most of the programming credit goes to that group, and certainly all of the modeling credit. I just bastardized what they did and made it stupid. If you look closely, you can tell that all the cornflakes are actually tiny chunks of salmon.

Original music by Nathan Hurdle. Honestly, just the perfect song for this. Such emotional weight. I really appreciate that he let me use it for my bullshit.


Dedicated to Tom Mazza.


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